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“Creating images and capturing moments that motivate and inspire.”

Dan Galic brings energy and passion to his creative style of photography. His innovative and dynamic perspectives evoke real energy and feeling. Specializing in fitness, sports and portrait photography, Dan has the expertise, tools and work ethics that exceed the expectations of his clients.

Working in advertising, commercial, editorial and stock photography, Dan has clients across Canada, the United States and many Countries that use his photos and services regularly. His editorial work can be found on the covers and the insides of many magazines.

List of published work in Magazines

Fit and Firm Magazine
Status Fitness Magazine
Oxygen Magazine
Beyond Fitness
Maximum Fitness
Planet Muscle
First For Women Magazine
Fame Fitness Magazine
Pedal Magazine
Bicycling Magazine
Hot Bike
Running Magazine
Runners World
Motivated – The Power Within Magazine
Urban Wedding Magazine    


Rogers Sportsnet Television
American Sports Network
Magnum Nutraceutials
Allmax Nutrition
Interworld Health Corp
Moksha Yoga
Affinity Financial Group Inc.
Axis Data Base Marketing
RGB Consultants
DMW & Associates
Omnilumen Technical Products
Mad Macs
TMT Construction
Marana Kitchens
Paradigm Kitchens
Sticks + Stones Furniture
Kreater Custom Motorcycles
Urban Wedding
Terasen Gas
Revolution Distribution & Repair
Blackcomb Snowmobile
The Cheif Newspaper
Question Newspaper

Since 1992 Dan has been evolving on the cutting edge of photography while creating and living his dream.

Becoming a Photographer

Looking back, one of my critical moments in my life occurred in 1992. My close friend Brian Olds and I were sitting on a mountaintop over looking an incredible vista of a glacier that flowed into an emerald green lake. We had a twenty minute conversation, yet only 9 words were spoken. On Panarama ridge in Garabaldi Park British Columbia, while a ceiling of clouds floated above us, so close that we could touch them, I asked Brian, “how do you describe this to someone?”  Twenty minutes of silence passed by, in what seemed like a second, as we stared out at this incredible view. Brian replied, “You can’t”.

Ever since, I have spent my life trying my best to share the beautiful places and moments that I have experienced. Sharing is my Passion. Photography is my medium.

Passion has guided my career into what I call, “An unbalanced lifestyle”. Over the years I have focused my career on photographing the things that I love and the things I enjoy doing. Ultimately, I work and play together. Fitness, sports and lifestyle are my specialties. But photographing any subject proposes the challenge to capture it in a unique and exciting way. It’s the challenge that keeps me alive.

My innovated style evokes real energy and feeling through dynamic perspectives, compelling composition and my post processing technique. Drawing you into the moment, tantalizing your senses and captivating your attention are my goals.

Personal Statement – To always be ALIVE, do more than I say I will do, give more than I receive, and to share life through photography.

Work statement – To create images and capture moments that motivate and inspire.